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This is a special page dedicated to a few of our craziest most inspired and noteworthy projects. Enjoy.

The Manhole Cover Physical Bitcoin (2017)

The Bitcoin Penny™ Manhole Cover Physical Bitcoin is the World's Largest physical bitcoin / crypto-collectible! This world record-smashing masterpiece was an ultra top secret project at The Bitcoin Penny Company for many months!

Manhole Cover   Manhole Cover

The Bitcoin Penny™ Manhole Cover is a special limited edition art piece that was originally conceived to be the world's largest, solid metal, physical bitcoin. Abandoning all sanity in search of the perfect medium, we finally chose to create this spectacular beauty from a genuine, full-sized, custom-designed…Manhole Cover! Made of the strongest 100% recycled cast iron and poured in an authentic cast iron foundry, this physical bitcoin marvel is industry-rated for commercial use on actual US roadways!

Title of Artwork: The Manhole Cover Physical Bitcoin
Special Limited Edition Qty: 10
Material: 100% Recycled Cast Iron + .999 Fine Copper (5" Disc)
Finish: Antique "Oil-Rubbed Bronze" Powder Coat
Size: 23.75" Diameter
Weight: 49 lb.
Security: Anti-reverse steel bolts conceal the private key.
Public Address (Prefix): 1EPiC...
Private Key: Hand-scribed on underside of secure copper disc.
NOTE: This art piece is funded with exactly .01 BTC.

What are people saying about this epic work of art?

This is without question mad, unique, crazy and of course very cool!
This thing is absurd and I love it. Bravo.
[T]his might be most ambitious project in physical crypto history.
I think I'm in love..... these are superb!!!
I want one.
holy shit.
wow! totally badass!
Would be a pretty amazing item to have in your collection.
Just amazing.
BitcoinPenny always delivers the goodness!!
The project is amazing and quite innovative...most people just re-hash the same pseudo-quality concepts.
This concept is absurd, in the best way. I'm not surprised to see this coming from [Bitcoin Penny], either.
Nothing short of crazy and amazing at the same time...[Bitcoin Penny], you are a legend.

Please contact us if you’re interested in owning one of the last two remaining Bitcoin Penny™ Manhole Cover Physical Bitcoin special limited edition art pieces.

The Invisible Coin — Dream Edition (2018)

The Bitcoin Penny Company proudly presents another of our crazy concept products — the NEW 2018 Bitcoin Penny™ Invisible "Dream Edition" Commemorative Coin!

Invisible Coin   Invisible coin

The story behind this singular oddity is simple. One late night in May 2018, our founder and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) had a dream. In the dream, he was taking promotional photographs and writing advertising copy for the ninja stealth launch of an exciting new product — the Bitcoin Penny™ Invisible! (In real life, he had been preparing for the launch of our Bitcoin Penny™ Silver — the follow-up to our wildly successful Bitcoin Penny™ Gold — so, naturally, new product releases were on his mind as he slept.)

He woke at 2AM, and as it happens with all his still-half-asleep dream evaluations, he was convinced that the vision in that dream was pure brilliance! "I absolutely MUST remember this in the morning!" he told himself.

Luckily, he did remember it in the morning, and while he was no longer convinced of the idea's brilliance, he did realize that regardless of how ridiculous it may seem in the rational light of day, this was the perfect opportunity to make a dream come true…literally!

Product: Bitcoin Penny™ Invisible "Dream Edition" Commemorative Coin
Material: .999 PLASTIC
Weight: Who knows? Super light, tho.
Diameter: 25mm
Finish: Invisible
Year: 2018
Mint Mark: HGW
Special Limited Edition Qty: 50 Classic Rolls (x40 coins per roll) = 2,000

The Bitcoin Penny™ Invisible Dream Edition Commemorative Coins were gifted to the bitcoin community (100% FREE) with a limit of one roll per person. (Shipping not included.) Unfortunately, these were all claimed within a few hours and have long been OUT OF STOCK.

Introducing the 2020 Bitcoin Penny® Mini Manhole Cover!

This exciting new project is the long-awaited follow-up to our original 2020 Bitcoin Penny™ Manhole Cover. (Read about about that epic world record-breaker above.) This unique desk-sized artwork is destined to be the most magnificent centerpiece in any bitcoin collection!

MMC Tree Front MMC Tree Back

The 2020 Bitcoin Penny® MINI Manhole Cover
Project Name: Bitcoin Penny® Manufactured By: The Bitcoin Penny Foundry (Cryptoville, USA)
Manufactured For: Satoshi Water Company (Nakamoto, Japan)
Year: 2020
Material: Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminum / Highlights in .999 Copper
Base: Solid Walnut Base w/ 360° Swivel Display
Dimensions: 8” Round x .5” Thick
Weight: 2.25 Lb (without Base)
Quantity: 21 + Prototype
Serial Numbers: 00 / 21 (Prototype), 01 / 21, 02 / 21, 03 / 21, and so on.
Fundable: Yes (Private key is sealed under copper tag on reverse side.)
Price: .1 BTC Each

Important: This is a Very Limited Special Edition project! Only 21 of these solid aluminum masterpieces will ever be produced. Please contact us today!

Stay tuned for more WTF? products…Coming Soon! =)