What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the exciting new e-currency that's revolutionizing the world’s marketplace! People everywhere are joining in the fun and celebrating the new bitcoin technology, and businesses around the globe are now accepting bitcoin, from that little pizza parlor on the corner of Main Street to some of the largest online retailers! In a nutshell... bitcoin is the future of money!

(Want to learn more about bitcoin? Watch this short video.)

What are Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins?

Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins are fun, inexpensive, collectible coins minted as a tribute to the new bitcoin e-currency! (They’re also geeky-cool fashion accessories for your favorite penny loafers!) Plus, we mint new variations every year! Collect them all!

Can I spend my Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins?

Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins are novelty tokens made for entertainment purposes only. They have no monetary value. However, their coolness value is very high.

Where are they minted?

Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins are minted in the USA.

What do the slogans In Code We Trust® and E-Currency Unum® mean?

In Code We Trust® is our clever twist to the National motto seen on all US coins, and it refers to the open-source computer code used for the new bitcoin digital currency. (Open-source is very important. It means that the computer code which governs the bitcoin technology is "open" to the general public for inspection to ensure that it's always 100% safe, accurate, and secure.)

E-Currency Unum® is another fun twist to an older US motto. The original motto, "E Pluribus Unum," translates to "Out of Many, One," and refers to the merging of many states or colonies to form a single Nation. Our meaning at The Bitcoin Penny Company is very similar to the original. "Out of the many different peoples and cultures and nations on Earth, the new bitcoin e-currency has brought us all a little closer together…as one." And we like that.

Are Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins made with real copper?

Absolutely! Our main product line of Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins are made of ninety-seven percent (97%) pure copper! For comparison, the current U.S. penny is only a mere 3% copper. In fact, the U.S. penny hasn’t been minted with this much copper since 1857!

And as an additional treat for our more serious collector-investors, we also offer SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION releases in the finest silver, gold, and platinum!

What size are Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins?

Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins are the size of the average American’s pocket change—a little smaller than the US quarter (.900") and about the same thickness as the US nickel (.077")—making them the perfect size to carry around comfortably in your pocket all day long, showing them off to everyone you meet!

Will they fit in my favorite penny loafers?

An endless variety of penny loafers are on the market today, from the vintage Cole Haan classics still found on eBay (circa 1980) to the more modern, high quality hand-sewn beauties from Rancourt & Company or Oak Street Bootmakers. All these many different shoe expressions have penny slots of various sizes, shapes, and styles.

While we can't promise that Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins will fit inside every pair of penny loafers on the planet, we can promise that even if they don't fit inside your favorite penny loafers, you'll still own a fistful of super cool bitcoin swag that's sure to impress even the most un-impressible friend!

Besides marveling at the shiny goodness, what else can I do with my Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins?

Start with casually flipping a single Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coin in the air as you lean ever so lightly against your local barista’s coffee counter. Not only will you look cool doing it, but flipping a Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coin in the air results in a lovely, ear-catching R-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-N-G that others around you are sure to admire!

If looking cool at the coffee bar isn’t your cup of tea, explore your sartorial side by sliding them in your favorite penny loafers, place one on the putting green as a fun golf ball marker, or simply carry a few around in your pocket to use as icebreakers when introducing friends to the new bitcoin e-currency!

Whatever you choose to do with your Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins, you're celebrating the future of money!

Where can I find a complete list of all the different Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins ever minted?

Great question! You’ll need the complete list to start building your collection, so click here to download the latest version of our Official Bitcoin Penny® Collector’s Guide.

Did you guys really make a giant physical bitcoin out of a freakin’ MANHOLE COVER?!

Yes! Yes, we did.

(Read about about that epic world record-breaker HERE.)

How much is the shipping charge?

Our shipping rates are based on a simple flat fee schedule. All domestic (USA) orders are shipped for only $10 via USPS First Class or Priority Mail with online tracking and delivery confirmation. All non-domestic / international (non-USA) purchases are shipped for only $25 via USPS International First Class with online tracking and delivery confirmation in most countries. (These rates are subject to change.)

Can I pay with bitcoin?

Absolutely! We proudly accept payments via Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and a few other cryptocurrencies. (Please contact us if you'd like to pay using another cryptocurrency.) However, if you prefer old school payment methods, then we've added the PayPal option—including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express—for your total convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Bitcoin Penny® Commemorative Coins TODAY!