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2017 Special Edition Roll BlackSeal NFC

The 2017 Bitcoin Penny Special Edition Roll

Congratulations! You've accessed the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip in your 2017 Bitcoin Penny™ Special Edition Roll.

To verify your Special Edition Roll's authenticity, simply download the FREE BlackSeal app on your favorite NFC-enabled Android device, choose the Verify option, then touch your Android device to the end of your 2017 Bitcoin Penny™ Special Edition Roll. (A simple registration may be required before using the BlackSeal NFC-verification app.)

Authentic Special Edition Rolls will read as "Verified," signed by BlackSeal, and issued by In addition, the signature URL will begin with ""

That's how you know you have an authentic 2017 Bitcoin Penny™ Special Edition Roll!

Kindest Regards,
The Bitcoin Penny Company =)