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2022 Mini Physicals™ Short Roll (Cold Wallets)

$ 60.00

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Our Mini Physicals™ line is the smallest DIY / loadable physical bitcoin on the market! (Also known as a “cold wallet.”) Simply create your own bitcoin public address with matching private key, secure that private key to your coin under one of our custom, tamper-evident, holographic security stickers, and that’s it! Now you have your very own PHYSICAL BITCOIN loaded with REAL BITCOIN! When you’re ready to spend your bitcoin, simply peel away the holographic security sticker to expose your private key and sweep those funds into the bitcoin wallet of your choice. (Spend it wisely, my friend!)

The 2022 Bitcoin Penny® Mini Physicals™ Short Roll contains TWENTY (20) of these special "Cold Wallet" collectible copper coins featuring the new 2022 NFD mint mark + FIFTY (50) tamper-evident, holographic security stickers. (It’s always good to have extra stickers!)

Rolled in that classic brown, heavyweight Kraft paper.

Wrapped in our acclaimed “bulletproof” sleeve for ultimate protection!

Minted in USA.

Production limited to 50 only.