2019 Bitcoin Penny™ Canvas Bank Bag

$ 250.00

The ULTIMATE collectible for the criminally insane bitcoiner who wants endless fistfuls of shiny copper goodness!

This old-fashioned cotton canvas bank bag comes straight from the secret vault hidden deep inside the fictional Bank of Bitcoin Penny™.

Each of these LIMITED EDITION Bank Bags is filled with a jaw-dropping ONE HUNDRED (100) standard mint AMD coins, then carefully hand-stitched closed and finished with one of those sweet, vintage, plastic bank tags! (Remember those?) Finally, each Bank Bag is serial numbered, because you need to keep track of your most precious crypto-vault goodies.

With a total weight of more than 21 ounces, you'll have more shiny, coppery goodness than any one person deserves!

Each bag is signed and dated on the back by our TBPCo founder.

Minted in USA.